If you own a business in the centre, then you may want to consider choosing a company that can provide IT support in Glasgow. This article will tell you what you should look out for, as well as questions to ask when looking for IT services in Glasgow.


Finding a company to provide you with IT support in Glasgow – or wherever your offices are based – can be extremely beneficial. If you have an issue and your IT support can’t get to you, then you may be left waiting, either until they can or until they organise a third party organisation to help you out.

Experience with Your Industry

The technology that you use in your company may be different from what another company uses – especially if you are in a different industry. Due to this, it is essential to ensure that your IT support in Glasgow at least has experience in your industry and with the software and hardware that you use. If they have awards in your particular industry, then even better!

Can They Support Your Servers and/or Workstations?

What server and operating systems are you running on? Is it different from Windows? You need to ensure that the IT support in Glasgow that you choose is can effectively work with the systems that you have in place.

Do They Have Experience Supporting the Software Your Company Uses?

You must also consider what type of software and applications you use and find out if the IT support you are choosing has experience in all or most of the types that you use.

How Quick Can They Provide IT Services?

If your business is a face paced working environment, then you’ll probably be looking for a service that can keep up. It’s important to know what an IT support company’s procedures are and how long it will take them to provide services. Now, of course, some things are both out of your and their control, but it’s important to get a rough response time for different levels of IT support.

Can They Handle an Organisation of Your Size?

Is your organisation large? Do you have a lot of different departments? Or just a lot of different software used from PC to PC? You need to ensure that the IT support in Glasgow that you choose can handle the size of your company.

Do You Meet Their Parameters?

The size of your company can also have an impact in the opposite way, some companies that provide IT support in Glasgow require businesses to have a certain amount of work stations. It’s important to check that your company isn’t too small for the company that you are considering.

Certification and Partnership Check

A critical step is ensuring that they are a reputable organisation. Checking that they have certification is a must and any good IT support company will be more than proud to display this information on their website. Also look out for any partnerships that they may have with major it companies, such as; Microsoft, Dell, HP.