If you are visiting Glasgow any time soon, you will want to check out these restaurants. The city has a vibrant and blossoming scene for foodies, and this lot top the list of places to try around the city. In no particular order, these eateries provide a variety of styles. So we’ve given you five. One for every weekday. Perfect right?

Read on to find out all about each restaurant and what makes it top of our list.

1.     Hanoi Bike Shop

Hidden down a lane in Glasgow’s West End, this restaurant serves up delicious Vietnamese street food. The menu itself is designed for sharing, an ethos that is only strengthened by the relaxed atmosphere. The décor is worth a picture with vibrant colours and paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Not to mention the obvious bicycle theme!  Head to Ruthven Lane and see what they are all about.

2.     A’Challtainn

A relatively new seafood restaurant in the heart of the Barras, A’Challtainn has already won multiple awards. Not only is the food delicious, they have a packed events list. The restaurant-come venue has seen performances from Sister Sledge, has been packed out for the Glasgow Vintage and Flea Markets, and has been the venue for large music festivals and even weddings! The urban space has everything you could want from an “Oyster Happy Hour” to a fabulous cocktail list. Check it out!


3.     Chaakoo Bombay Café

Chaakoo Bombay is Glasgow’s newest Iranian inspired restaurant, based in the heart of the city centre. From the popular Chai tea to some truly brilliant grill dishes from Iran, the restaurant is gaining vast popularity via word of mouth. If you’ve never experienced Iranian food before, it is well worth the trip.

4.     Ramen Dayo

This little establishment on Queen Street has existed for years in pop-up form. However, it has now got the joy of having pride of place near some of the cities best bars and nightlife. The food is popular amongst folk of every kind, with authenticity and flavour that would give you heart eyes. From the dumplings to the décor, this place is a dream.

Ramen Dayo

5.     Six by Nico

One of the most innovative restaurants we know. This restaurant has themed menus that change every six weeks. Previous themes have included Route 66, Disney and Childhood, just for some examples. The dishes themselves are well thought out and at the very top of cuisine in Glasgow. This eatery deserves all of the praise, and it’s getting it.