Pop Up shops, bars and cafes are a great way to increase awareness of a new product or brand to a wider audience. However running your pop up shop on your own can be a challenge especially if it is a success. Here is all the reasons you should hire event staff for your pop up event.

Benefits Of Opening A Pop Up

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Say you own a coffee shop, bar, gym or even a hairdressers and you want to increase the awareness of your brand – opening a pop up shop is a great way to ignite excitement and increase awareness of your brand. People love to socialise and spend their disposable income spending time in cool new places with friends and family. You can set up your Pop up in a shopping centre, at a festival, in a public park, on a popular shopping street or inside another business venue. Thinking creatively, such as setting up your pizza business inside a barber shop (what guy wouldn’t love eating pizza while getting their hair cut?!), will really help grow your business to its full potential. It’s a win win if you collaborate with another business such as a beer company or coffee brand.

Importance Of Branding

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Once you open your pop up whether a bar or coffee station, you should have a very distinctive brand so that people will recognise you and set you apart from other competitors. Continue the theme of your brand into your pop – choosing colours, fabrics and decor – and make sure your logo and brand name is everywhere. On take away coffee cups, throwaway cups, signage, napkins – everywhere.

Music is key in creating an atmosphere into your pop up and enticing new customers inside. Hire event staff to help you decorate and set up shop. Its a great idea to hire a structure rather than purchase your own than you will only use for a short time.

Hire Event Staff

hire event staff

If you are opening up a temporary the smart thing to do is hire event staff on a temporary contract to save you costs in the long term. The aim of pop up shop is to raise more funds so you can grow your business i.e. hire more staff, refurbish your property etc etc. Hiring event staff on a temporary basis can cut out all the hassle and short contracts are offered to the most suitable pool of candidates.