If you are having a particularly down day then sometimes it can feel like there’s no getting out of it. You just want to sit in your pants watching something rubbish on Netflix. However, it will do your mental health the world of good to try and fight the down days and find things to preoccupy you and help you through.

With this in mind, here are eight of our favourite tips for improving your mood when you’re having down days. Try a couple, or all of them, and see if they help you.

1.     Play with animals

If you don’t have a pet, go to the zoo.  If there’s no zoo nearby, go to the house of that friend who has a pet. Cats, dogs, whatever it is, animals are great for cheering you up. Whether it’s just for a cuddle or for running about the garden, animals are full of joy.


2.     Play a game with someone who makes you laugh

Get the Wii out or even a Monopoly board. Play something silly that you haven’t played in years with someone who will have you laughing. It could be your childhood best friend or you husband, just make sure you’re in fits of giggles by the time you leave.

3.     Look through your old photographs

Nostalgia is a great way to find those happy memories. Old photos will bring back those times as a kid when you or your parent did something stupid. A great way to pass an afternoon.

4.     Get all cleaned up

Take a shower, curl your hair, put some makeup on, and shave. Whatever it might be to make you feel great, you should do it. Put an extra splash of perfume/aftershave on and feel like a million bucks.

5.     Eat something healthy

A great way to feel good about yourself is to eat something healthy. You don’t need to have an overhaul of your diet but having a salad for dinner will make you feel a lot better inside than if you just fry everything in sight.


6.     Read your favourite book

Books have a power to take us away to another world. Immerse yourself in your favourite book and you might forget about how you feel today.

7.     Bake a cake

The process of baking a cake is great for keeping your mind active. On top of that, it can be fun picking how to decorate it and doing the decorating itself. The best part is always the eating though.

8.     Go outside

Whether it’s a beach, a park, or your back garden- it’s recommended that you get outside. If it’s raining then jump in some puddles. If it’s sunny then soak up the vitamin D. Being outside can have such a positive effect on your mood, and allow you to feel more free.


Hopefully at least one of these tips will help to improve your mood if you’re feeling down!