The vast majority of us spend a lot of time travelling to or from work. For some of us it can be more than an hours spent each day on public transport or in a car. This time always feels wasteful and can make the day drag if you don’t spend it right being productive.

For that reason, we have decided to write up some of our five best tips for ways to make your commute more productive. If you don’t want to make your commute productive then these tips can be adapted to just make your commute more relaxing and give you some time to quiet your mind.

Study or Prepare

Studying is the most productive way to spend your commute. Reading your notes from class, or even from work, will keep them fresh in your mind and help you to build upon your knowledge throughout the working day. Studying on your commute also means that is an hour less that you have to do at home. This time can then be spent doing other things. It will help you create a better work/life balance.

Boy sits on top of a bus reading a book in attempt to make his commute more productive

Listen To a Podcast

Finding a great podcast to listen to can make your commute very enjoyable. Whether it is informative or comedy, it can help you to switch off from the outside world. There are loads to choose from. Just have a quick Google and find something you like. TED do some great podcasts if you are needing inspiration.

Read a Book

The most obvious answer is to read a book. Already a popular choice for commuters, reading a book is fantastic. Whether it is fact or fiction, reading a book makes the journey go much faster. Have a look in Waterstone’s and see if anything catches your eye.

Two friends fist bump as they use their commute to be more socially productive

Call Your Friend

If you don’t mind people hearing, call a friend. Hearing from a friend, family member of=r colleague will really help pass the time. If it’s a work colleague you can have questions answered before you arrive at work, meaning you can hit the ground running. Make plans for a lunch date.

Find a Great App

One of the more recent choices for commuters is to find a great app. Find a meditation app like Calm to reduce stress and unwind. This will clear your head before starting work, and help you to switch off on the way home.

Remember to always try to find a balance between work and life. Spend time with your family. Relax. It’s important to keep your mental health strong and keep you happy.