Dry rot treatment is a key process which needs to be undertaken in order to prevent dry rot from potentially destroying a building. Although dry rot may seem to be an inconvenience rather than a danger, the problem can quickly become out of control. This can then lead to significant structural damage. In this article we will look at what dry rot is and what effects it can have as well as effective treatments which can be used against it overall.

Dry rot treatment

What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a form of fungi that makes its home in wood and damages and weakens areas of wood which have been affected by damp or mould. The longer dry rot goes unnoticed the more damage it can do. Severe cases of dry rot can lead to entire properties having to be evacuated due to the risk of the structure collapsing.

There are a number of different ways in which you can establish whether or not dry rot may be affecting your property overall. One of the most obvious indicators that dry rot is present within a property is an appearance of grey white spores or what appears to be mould on the surface of any wood or timber. This is normally a clear indicator that dry rot is present. These spores can weaken the wood to the point it can be crushed to small pieces very easily as it has been weakened overall.

How Can Dry Rot Effectively Be Treated?

The best form of dry rot treatment is to enlist the help of property specialists who can eliminate the dry rot from your home. All affected timbers/wood would be removed and replaced with treated wood in order to prevent dry rot from taking further hold. The source of the issue would then be established and eliminated by property specialists.

Dry rot treatment

How To Prevent Dry Rot In Future

There are a range of different techniques you can use and changes that you can make in order to ensure that dry rot is prevented from occurring in your property in future. One of the most effective ways through which you prevent dry rot from occurring in your home in future is purchasing an air dehumidifier/purifier. Making this purchase could have a significant positive effect on your home overall.

One of the main reason for this being so effective is the dehumidifier clears the air of humidity which can lead to damp conditions overall. In addition to this the air is cleansed to prevent harmful bacteria or mould from building up. Another way in which a property can be starved of dry rot is eliminating any areas for damp to enter the property.

Often the addition of insulation to a property can help to prevent damp and increase heat. This as well as the addition of double glazing windows can prevent the build up of dry rot within a property.


In conclusion dry rot clearly poses a significant risk to people and buildings overall and should be treated with caution. Property specialists are the best and most effective way to tackle this issue.

Dry rot treatment