It seems that this year there has been an influx of friends posting their holiday photos from Barcelona. Why has this become such a popular holiday destination? There are many answers to this question. Barcelona is bursting with amazing things to do, see and eat. With their politics in the world’s eye, they are becoming especially popular among millennials and free thinkers. That plus the beaches has made millions of people jet into their sandy beaches in order to get a glimpse of the boho vibes that Barcelona provides.

Find out more about what has made Barcelona may be the most popular destination this year.

The Football

Of course, the football team are one of the biggest attractions of the city. From the massive night at Camp Nou for Iniesta’s last ever appearance to just about every time Messi plays, there is an incredible atmosphere in the stadium. Fans travel from all over to watch Barcelona play.

Popular Holiday Destination

The LGBTQ+ Scene

With a world that is becoming more accepting and open-minded, it is great to have a place that celebrates the LGBTQ+ scene. Barcelona is one of the most gay-friendly cities in Europe. There are many gay-friendly bars and hotels too. There is a famous district called The Eixample which has an amazing scene. If you’re willing to travel, Sitges is a small town nearby which is again famous for its gay scene and beaches too.

The Party Atmosphere

Barcelona is one of the best places for a night out. From the festivals like Primavera to the bustling scene on Las Ramblas, there is always a place to drink and dance. The parties are wild and great fun. This has given Barcelona a bit of a name for throwing some of the best parties in Europe.

The Food (And Drink)

If you are a bit of a foodie, Catalan cuisine can be just divine. If you are there on a budget then the smaller traditional tapas bars will serve up an absolute treat. For those wishing to splash out, there are restaurants in Barcelona with three Michelin stars.

Popular Holiday Destination

Free Art/Architecture

In Barcelona, every corner you turn there is art. From beautiful building like The Casa Battló to the amazing street art in Las Ramblas, get your camera ready. Even incredible places like the Park Güell are a joy to behold. Be prepared to have the best Instagram photos.

It genuinely is one of the most popular holiday destinations this year…

With all of this, it is not surprising that Barcelona is an extremely popular holiday destination. However, it has actually been voted one of the best cities in the world. In a recent study, it was estimated that Barcelona is the 8th best city in the world. No wonder it’s a popular holiday destination! This ranking was based on many factors. These included the place, the people, the programming (events) and the city’s prosperity. Incredible!