If you were a big fan of board games when you were a child then you will remember some of these. These classic games from your childhood were the cause of both family bonding and family feuds. We have decided to try and bring back some of these memories with a list of some of our favourites. Hopefully, these games from your childhood will take you on a total nostalgia trip.

Read on and see if any of these classics take you back.


This game is such a classic that many, many versions have been released. However, the classic is always the best. Monopoly is one of those games that has caused at least one argument per family. Whether it’s the banker sneaking money out of the fund to people claiming they play by different rules (I’m looking at you Free Parking). Perfect if you have a whole night to spare. As well as a lot of patience.

Games From Your Childhood

Logo Board Game

This game is great for those of you with a photographic memory. For the rest of us, it’s a bit more of a challenge. The Logo Board Game can get so intense you will have people arguing over what the logo of McDonald’s looks like.


A personal favourite. Try and fit as many items on your donkey before it bucks them all off in a dramatic fashion. For anyone with a heart problem, this game is not ideal as it will have you on the edge of your seat.

Trivial Pursuit (Family Edition)

If you tried the version that wasn’t aged appropriate, well done. The family edition is a bit better as everyone can actually join in. This game seems to have been specifically designed for the adults of the family to get extremely competitive.


For the wordsmiths among you, this is a great choice. Until you lose half of the letter pieces and can only spell words without any B’s in them. Perfect for testing both your (and your family’s) vocabulary. Best to play this one with a dictionary to hand in case anybody gets fresh with you.


A tactical game of stealth and extremely good guesswork. There is no better feeling than blowing up someone’s biggest battleship. We recommend not playing this game near any mirrors as the temptation to cheat will just be too high. Guess well, my friends!


A final, tense option on this lists of classic games from your childhood. Operation, the board game, makes your hands shake and your heart beat a bit faster. Armed with a tiny pair of tweezers, you will be subjected to a very jarring warning buzz when you touch your poor patient’s insides. This game is a thrill ride from start to finish.

Games From Your Childhood