If you find yourself going to an Edinburgh nightclub, you should always follow some basic nightclub etiquette. If the etiquette is followed, you can have limited harassment and stop potential abuse while preventing physical or emotional damage to others.

This short guide includes simple somethings like getting a table and respecting the doorman. To more specific scenarios when alcohol is in the system, such as showing courtesy to the DJ.

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Display Politeness To The Doorman

When you’re out at an Edinburgh nightclub, be sure to respect the doorman. His job includes checking IDs and determining whether a customer is inebriated. He’s also tasked with signalling a group into the club. If your buddy is a returning patron, he may get a bit of special treatment.

A good doorman knows the most effective way to communicate with a client. The best etiquette is to let him know you have a problem. Not only will he handle your case better, but he’s also more likely to be able to make you happy in the future.

Be sure to pay the doorman. Although poorly enforced rules can prohibit such a transaction, it’s generally considered a good practice. This might be the best time to remind him of your name and ask him if you can pay him later. It can be a surprisingly long line outside the door.

The best time to find out if you can pay the doorman is to simply ask. While you’re waiting in line, you might want to check out the dance floor. There’s a good chance you’ll get to see some cool acts and have a few drinks to boot.

Don’t harass the DJ

If you have a DJ playing at your party, you should be aware that there are some things that you shouldn’t do. For instance, you shouldn’t do rails in the bathroom during a song. Also, you shouldn’t talk about illegally downloaded plug-ins.

If you are a DJ, you should also know that you should respect the people you work with. This includes the club’s management. If there are issues, you should report them. Moreover, you should never be too eager to get a gig.

The issue of sexual harassment is a serious one, especially when it comes to the dance music industry. And as the #MeToo movement gains momentum, more and more clubs are adopting policies to prevent misconduct on the dancefloor. However, despite the widespread awareness of this issue, many nightlife venues still lack detailed and explicit policies on how to deal with harassment and violent incidents.

A new policy at House of Yes, a Brooklyn nightclub, came after customer feedback and as the #MeToo movement gained steam. Now, the club has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment.

Get a table

If you are planning an Edinburgh nightclub visit with your friends, consider booking a table. This will make the evening more enjoyable and give you a great deal more room to move. Plus, you will be able to enjoy a cocktail in your hand without rushing to the dance floor.

Getting a table is an easy way to save money, and many of the top nightclubs offer tables for VIP customers. It is also a good idea to book a table early. Usually, you can get a better table for your group by making name-only reservations.

For a table to be reserved, you will need to pay a prepayment or deposit. The amount of the deposit is usually 20% of the minimum spend. You will receive a link to your reservation, which will list the minimum spend and applicable taxes.

Depending on your budget, you can opt for a VIP table or a bottle service. Normally, the cost of a VIP table will be lower than a bottle service. When choosing a table, keep in mind that the price is influenced by the club’s location and popularity.