If you are considering hiring or become part of an event crew them, then you may be wondering what kind of roles are out there. Here are just some of the many types of event crew and their roles both in event spaces and in temporary buildings.

Event Set Up

Depending on the size of the event, event crew may be brought in to help set everything up prior to the event. This may include;

  • Setting up chairs and tables
  • Building stages or temporary buildings
  • Preparing play surfaces for sporting events

Event crew may also need to set things up or take things away during an event, such as changing the layout of furniture during a wedding in order to create a dancefloor after the meal.


Event crew may also be required to work at concession stands, this consists of;

  • Serving food and drinks
  • Operating cash registers and handling cash
  • Check ID for purchasing drinks

Concessions workers often won’t be required to cook but must still keep up with food safety and hygiene practices as well as demonstrating good customer service skills. If the event space doesn’t have enough room for concessions, temporary buildings may be required for kiosks.


Event crew ushers job is to ensure that all guests get to their seats and ensure that all fire codes are followed, this may include ensuring that the aisles are clear. They may also usher people between temporary buildings. Ushers may also be expected to know basic information about the event, including;

  • Length of event
  • Location of restrooms, concessions

It is important for an usher to have good customer service and people skills.


The majority of events these days will have some sort of security present. This is to protect both staff and guests that may be at the event. Security members may be required to check bags and perform a pat-down of people coming into the event – but again this depends on the size, scale and nature of the event. More security may be required if temporary buildings are used during the event.


If the event requires entertainment, it is unlikely that organisers are going ask event crew to get up on stage and sing or dance, however, sometimes event crew may be asked to work alongside performers. This may include introducing teams, bands or other stage acts that may be performing.

Other Duties of Event Crew

Depending on the nature of the event, there may be other responsibilities that are left to event crew. Concerts and professional sporting events for example, may use electronics or pyrotechnics, including;

  • Scoreboards
  • Projectors
  • Lighting equipment
  • Sound equipment
  • Flames or fireworks during an act

For jobs like these, event crew will more than likely need to be trained and experience in doing these jobs.

Some events may even hire staff to give out t-shirts, tickets or other collectables.

Janitors and Cleaners for an Event Space or Temporary Buildings

Many event spaces will hire their own janitors and cleaners to work in-house. However, for a large event, people may be hired from the outside to keep up with the sheer amount of work that will need to be done. Especially if temporary buildings have been used in conjunction with an event space. This role includes;

  • Cleaning spillages during event
  • Cleaning up after event
  • Ensuring that fire doors remain closed
  • General maintenance